Life Changer of the Year

Brian Copes has been named the top teacher in the nation out of 825 educators from acrross the country by the National Life Group, and has won the 2017-2018 Life Changer of the Year award 

Top 50 Teachers in the World

 Brian Copes has been recognized by the Varkey Foundation as one of the Top 50 Teachers in the World.  

People Magazine Teacher of the Year

 Brian copes was named teacher of the year by People magazine. He was chosen out of 1000s of applicants and was one of only 5 given this award. Check the link below for more.

People Magizine

Environmental Teacher of the Year

 Brian was awarded Environmental teacher of the year for the State of Alabama by The Environmental Education Association of Alabama. 

Calera High School Awarded PRIME


SME Education Foundation has awarded Calera High School as a Prime School. Click the link below to see the video by PBS.


Other awards
Office Depot & Adopt a Classroom chose Brian`s school out of ten others in the country.

Placed first in the National Colligate Engineering Competition (sponsored by the Institute for Affordable Transportation) 4 year in a row.

Students made honorary Lieutenant Governors in recognition for their accomplishments by Lt. Governor Folsom.

Magnolialand Entertainment has produced a Trailer for the documentary about the students and their automotive invention. Attached is a link to the Trailer.  The name of the documentary is "Children Changing the World". 

O2 Ideas created a video showing the Chelsea middle school students building the first basic utility vehicle.

The City of Calera has recognized the students in a Town Hall Meeting

   The National Technology Student Association has published an article about the students on their website. Featured member section.    

The American Society of Engineering Educators featured the students in their Engineering Go For It newsletter.

   The Alabama Education Association (AEA) featured the students in a recent Alabama Education Journal article.

    Deep Rock Manufacturing has partnered with the students, creating a Water Well Drill attachment making our vehicle capable of traveling from village to village drilling fresh water wells.

The students appeared on the "Absolutely Alabama" segment of Fox 6 news.