Scissor Lift Wheel Chair

Addition Students Invent a lift Wheel Chair

Another project that allows students to utilize technology was a concept/need that was identified by Angel Copes. Angel is the manager of a radiological facility at a local

hospital. One of our counties high school students was interning at her facility. She witnessed him struggle to reach office supplies that were stored in upper cabinets, as he was bound and confined to a wheel chair. She asked the students at Calera High School if a lift wheel chair could be invented to help out her intern and many others like him. She identified a need and once the students heard the story they were challenged to fill the need. The students have formed into design groups and are producing three dimensional drawings, assemblies and models of their concepts. They will present their concepts to the class using presentation software such as PowerPoint. The students will then refine their ideas and export their CAD files to a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) robotic plasma cutter we have in the shop. The CNC plasma cutter will cut out parts to fabricate their final product. During this exercise the students are applying their knowledge of SolidWorks. Coupling this with new advanced measuring tools, robotic equipment, hand and power tools, as well as teamwork they are solving a real world problem. They will unveil this project to administrators, school officials, hospital staff, and the media once completed