Sister Schools Project



Sister School Project with Alabaster City Schools and Manuel Bonilla, Cefalu, Honduras

The Global Sister School project was developed to connect schools with similar time zones. For example in the USA as our primary students are learning to speak read and write the English language the teacher can turn on a web camera making their classroom a global classroom sharing their lessons. This is something that can be done in all subject areas, allowing teachers to collaborate and share their areas of expertise. This innovative approach to education can radically change the education and lives of all that are involved. 

Education is the key out of poverty. Honduras was chosen for this project, for it is the second poorest county in northern hemisphere and has been nicknamed the “Murder Capital of the World”. During a class field trip to Honduras in 2012, we discovered a community celebrating the graduation of their very first high school student. In 2013, my students raised the funds to build a two room middle/high school next to their elementary school, which now has 105 middle/high school students. In 2014, we noted some inadequacies that we felt we could help with. First, their teachers are required to teach the English language, none of their teachers spoke English. Secondly, they had four computers, which only one of them worked, and none of them could access the internet. In 2016, we returned to Honduras bringing refurbished computers, which was used to set up 3 computer labs in three different Honduran schools. These activities gave birth to the Global Sister School project.

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