Students Invent a Tandem Bicycle


 Students invented a tandem bicycle for Shelby County School’s Adaptive Physical Education Department. This is two bicycles that are joined side by side and allows a handy capable student to ride beside an adult teacher. This provides our special needs students with the feeling of normalcy. This activity fills these students with joy and happiness as many of these students have never been able to ride a bike before. This project required students to work in teams, create three dimensional CAD drawings; CNC plasma cut parts, and the use of state of the art welding. 



We’re not just an engineering class.  We’ve become a class of entrepreneurs destined for experience and success.  With the advent of our side-by-side Ride Along tandem bicycle conversion kit, which was invented, perfected, prototyped, and presented, we are poised to begin our own manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution company-within-a-class.  This kit converts two bicycles to a joined-together, side-by-side, riding opportunity for those with special needs who otherwise may never have the exhilarating experience and fun of riding a bicycle. 

It is our intention and plan to successfully produce and sell the Ride Along Kit, which we theme as “Enjoy the Ride Side by Side”.  As we progress into the steps to take this unique product to market, we will be reaching outside of our own resources, and inviting members of other classes connected with business, art, marketing and other categories for the sake of adding others’ talents to ours to help attain our goal.

We are not just 8-to-3 students.  We spend our extra time in contributing to the planning and growth of our Company.  We recognize the extraordinary opportunities we have to help contribute to others and to our own cache of experiences.  We not only will create a new company, and take an innovative product to market; we will also be adding significant and specific experiences to our resumes.  This will put us notably ahead of typical high school graduates as we reach out for future higher education, and career opportunities.

We will be interfacing with companies, successful entrepreneurs, and specially trained individuals who we will ask to help guide us to eventual success.  We ourselves are already devoting the self-committed extra time, focus and energy to work together to build our Ride Along Kit business.

Please watch us grow, and come, help us along.  We are going to be successful, and we intend to be known Nation-wide for our unique vision and inventive skills that have already brought the Ride Along Kit to the point where we are ready to enter the market.  Thanks for all you do to help us focus on engineering and business success.