Electric Car Conversion

 SKY feels that it is important to train the students today for the jobs of tomorrow. The Electrathon program has grown nearly 1000% in seven years going from four cars and teams to forty plus cars and teams from four different states. SKY’s goal is to see students using their ingenuity to increase the efficiency of their electric cars. To use their knowledge and fabrication skills to build custom aerodynamic energy saving vehicles.

With the success of the Electrathon program SKY has challenged students to apply what they learned with in building the Electrathon cars and to build a full size electric car. SKY Board member Miles Jackson who is a retired Master Electrician has converted a 1974 Volks Wagon bug into an all-electric car. His car uses older golf cart battery technology and will operate on about three cents per mile. Miles Jackson volunteered to mentor the Thompson High School Engineering students as they took on the challenge of creating a full size electric car. The students decided to convert a Bradley GT II which is an early 1980’s Volks Wagon kit car with gull wing doors.

The students were eager to get involved in the project, and have:

Removed the body from the Chassis
Cleaned and repaired the chassis
Increases the load rating of the suspension
Upgraded the brakes
Custom built a frame to support the battery pack
Custom built a 140 volt Lithium battery pack
Treated the chassis with rhino lining
Removed the gas engine
Created a custom plate to bolt the electric motor onto the stock transmission
Replaced the body
Students painted the body at “Performance Car Craft” who mentored the students on the custom body work and fabrication
Created a custom Interior at “Leave it to Weaver” upholstery who mentored the students on the custom interior design and installation
Students 3/D printed custom LED tail lights ETC.

This car is stunning and will be unveiled during the 2018-2019 school year. It is amazing to see what Skilled Knowledgeable Youth are capable of doing with proper mentoring and guidance.Type your paragraph here. 

Electric VW


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Miles Jackson, SKY Board Member and Mentor of the Skilled Knowledgeable Youth Bradley GT II Electric Car Conversion project. Mr. Jackson has converted a 1972 Volts Wagon Bug into an all electric car. This Electric Vehicle (EV) can operate on less than three cents per mile.