Solar Suitcase

Additional Information

 Belgium Teacher, Koen Timmers 2018 Top 10 Teacher in the World teaches refugees at the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya through the internet (SKYPE, ZOOM, Google Hangouts) . The Kakuma refugee camp has over 5000 students and only 12 teachers. This makes the class sizes very large. Many of the students receive lessons through the Kakuma Project through the internet. The problem is that their electricity is very unreliable.

Koen, asked the SKY students for help. Thompson Engineering Academy students designed an inexpensive Solar Suitcase that can reliably operate a laptop and charge cell phones. This provides the school children reliable access to online learning.

Thompson High School teacher Brian Copes traveled with the Solar Suitcase to the Global Educational and Skills Forum in Dubai. At this Forum both Mr. Copes and Mr. Timmers presented the Solar Suitcase to top teachers, dignitaries and world leaders from around the world. Preceding the forum Austrailian teacher Ken Silburn 2017 Top 10 Teacher in the World took the Solar Suitcase to the Kakuma Refugee camp where it is now in use.

The Thompson Engineering students built a second Solar Suitcase that they took to the state SkillsUSA competition. These students placed first in the state Engineering Technology and Design competition. The students will represent the state of Alabama at the National SkillsUSA competition.Type your paragraph here.